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Terrina di Carne Tartufata

(Meat Terrine with Truffles)

From the end of November to the beginning of February the woods in northern central Italy are fine-tooth-combed by thousands of hunters with dogs searching for the precious tuber.


250g  lean pork
250g  pork liver
250g  lard
2         chicken livers
250g  pork fat ('retina")
a glass of port
3         eggs
2         truffles
1         laurel leaf
3         juniper berries
milk, thyme, salt and pepper

Soak the liver in milk for two hours; mince the pork, liver and chicken livers and lard. Mix together well flavor with salt, pepper and finely chopped thyme, juniper and laurel. Add the beaten eggs, port and truffle, sliced into very thin strips. Put the mixture into a terrine greased with the port fat and place in a warm oven, to cook in a bainmarie; when the mixture is pricked, a pinkish liquid comes out if it is ready. Leave to settle for one day before serving.

4 Servings

Courtesy of Alitalia

Rome, Florence, Venice
Rome, Florence, Venice
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