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Steamed Halibut Medallion


3 lb Fresh Halibut Fillet
5 pcs Sewveed leaves
8 oz Fresh Salmon Fillets
5 pcs Red Bermuda Onions
4 pcs Carrots, julienne cut
4 small Zucchini, julienne cut
4 pcs Celerym cut in Waves (Demidoff)
2 oz Balsamic Vinegar
Mint leaves and Red Bell Pepper for Garnish


Slice the Halibut into 1/4" thick and 5" in length fillets. Cover each halibut fillet with a seaweed leaf and place a 1/2 inch wide, 5 inches long strip of salmon fillet in the center. Roll like a cigarette and wrap-up in Saran Wrap or in cheesecloth,. Steam for about 8 minutes. Let it cool and slice the rolls lengthwise into 1/4" thick medallions. Steam lightly the carrots,m celery and zucchini and marinate with the vinaigrette.

Arrange the vegetables (carrots, celery and zucchini) shaped like a pyramid, in the middle of the plate. Surround with rolls of Halibut. Garnish with mint leaves inserted with diamond-cut red bell peppers over wedges of glazed red onions placed enqually between the Halibut rolls. Buon appetito!

10 Servings

Courtesy of Chef Antonio Cereda, Grand Princess, Princess Cruise. The rest of time Chef Antonio lives in a small village called Armeno which is nestled in the mountain of northwest Italy, close to the Swiss border.

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