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Fonduta con Tartufi (Fondue with Truffles)

From the end of November to the beginning of February the woods in northern central Italy are fine-tooth-combed by thousands of hunters with dogs searching for the precious tuber.


250g  fontina
30g    white truffles
20g    butter
2        egg yolks
1 dl    milk
white pepper to taste

Cut the fontina into thin strips. Soak for two hours in the milk. Melt the butter in a bain marie (in a steel pan); add the fontina and milk, turn up the heat and continue stirring until the ingredients are well mixed.

The mixture should be quite dense.

Add the yolks, one at a time. The sauce will become runny; continue to stir for five minutes so that the eggs cook and add consistency to the souce.

When the dondue is smooth and creamy (if it becomes too tick, it can be diluted with a few drops of milk), cover it with shavings of truffles and serve.

4 Servings

Courtesy of Alitalia

Rome, Florence, Venice
Rome, Florence, Venice
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Sicily Vacation