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Fagottini in Salsa di Tartufo

(Fagottini in Truffle Sauce)

From the end of November to the beginning of February the woods in northern central Italy are fine-tooth-combed by thousands of hunters with dogs searching for the precious tuber.

200g  porcini (edible boletus)
500g  potatoes
3         eggs
1         glass milk
1/5 dl  cream
150g   Parmesan cheese
flour, grated truffles, butter, parsley, garlic, nutmeg
salt and pepper

To prepare the crepes:  beat 2 eggs in a bowl together with a glass of milk, a generous pinch of flour and a pinch of salt; cook in a non-stick pan.

To prepare the stuffing: peel the potatoes and boil. Thinly slice the porcini and cook in oil with the garlic and parsley. When the potatoes are cooked, add them to the fried porcini. Let them dry. Pass them through the mincer and mix with the egg, the Parmesan and a little grated nutmeg and leave to cool.

To prepare the sauce: boil the cream then whisk it together with the truffle, a pinch of pepper and the Parmesan. Stuff the crepes with the potato and porcini mixture, fold them over (to form the fagottino envelope shape) and heat through for a few moments in a warm oven. When they are ready to serve, cover them with the hot truffle sauce.

4 Servings

Courtesy of Alitalia

Rome, Florence, Venice
Rome, Florence, Venice
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