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Caesars Palace Resort Hotel/Casino

Las Vegas
A modern Wonderland of Luxury and Excitement and is widely reconized among The World's Great Hotels. Caesar's is an incredible World of Opulence and Palatial Splendor. Where impeccable service Reigns Supreme. Luxury Beckons at every turn and little details make the difference between an ordinary visit and a Spectacular Experience. Located in the heart of the bustling Las Vegas Strip, Caesar's Palace is home of The City's most Luxurious Hotel Guest-Room accommodations. The Spacious and Beautifully appointed rooms provide you with the Optmum in convenience and Regal Comfort. Every room is a Calm Serenity of Exquisite Taste, Classic Decor and Luxurious Surroundings. A welcome retreat from the non-stop activities that surround you. At Caesar's, they put your comfort and enjoyment above everything else. Not only satisfying your needs, but exceeding them. They make certain you always feel special. At Caesar's they do things only one way. Way above everyone else.

Date Room Type 3 Night Price* Extra Nights*
Jun 30 - Aug 30
Sep 2 - Sep 6
Nov 18 - Dec 8
Dec 23 - Dec 27
Run of House Deluxe
Aug 31 - Sep 1
Sep 3 - Sep 6
Run of House Deluxe
Sep 7 - Nov 10
Nov 15 - Nov 17
Run of House Deluxe
Nov 11 - Nov 14 Run of House Deluxe
Dec 9 - Dec 22 Run of House Deluxe
Dec 28 - Dec 31 Run of House Deluxe

* Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, mid-week arrival (excluding airfare and optional features) and may vary with different room occupancy, different length of stay and/or weekend arrival.  Discount reflected in the above room rate.  These rates are for advance purchase vacation package.  Exact pricing may be obtained by booking this vacation.  Ask us to about our supervalue airline tickets for this resort vacation.

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